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February 20, 2020 Headboard Design

Affordable Headboard Bench Design

Headboard bench – A headboard is more than just a board to sit up in bed. As an elegant piece that highlights bed, a headboard transforms a bedroom space. A bed without looking pretty bare, but you can make a unique headboard for a bed without an expensive price tag. Find a headboard for sale at a garage sale flea market or thrift store. Old decorative brass headboards or wooden headboards with cupboards can be restored and updated with new finishes that accent today’s bedrooms. These headboards are ready-made and are a quick solution to bedroom.

Headboard Bench Canopy

Headboard Bench Canopy

Old, weathered doors make interesting headboard bench designs. door panels and peeling lead-free paint add character to bedroom. If you do not want weathered look, paint door a coordinating room color. door may have to be cut down to match width of bed, or if it is wider than bed, bed can be centered against door and bedside on both sides of bed to help balance length of door.

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Image of: Headboard Bench Bench

door headboard can be placed on bed, when its width is high enough to reach height of bed of a standard headboard. If door is not so wide, so place it on wall. In this way headboard bench become more visible as part of room’s decor.

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