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February 6, 2020 Vases

Geometric Vase Origami Craft Types

Geometric Vase – Give a touch of style to your basic vases in the blink of an eye with this origami craft that we propose. A few simple strokes, a couple of bends, a pinch of glue and that’s it! You will get a geometric vase of the most current. In spring, with the field full of different flowers and colors, always want to go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors.

Geometric Vase Unique

Geometric Vase Unique

Recognize that, sometimes, from one of these trips you have brought a bunch of wild flowers that you do not know very well where to place. If you are already bored with the glasses you have at home, we propose this original origami geometric vase. A very simple craft. With the pencil and ruler, draw the pattern on the back of the card. A tip: measure the vase before the size of the pattern fits. Pass the punch along the lines to mark the paper and erase the pencil lines so that they are not visible.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Geometric Vase Origami Craft Types

Image of: Geometric Vase Popular
Image of: Geometric Vase Pattern
Image of: Geometric Vase Oriental
Image of: Geometric Vase Option
Image of: Geometric Vase Modern
Image of: Geometric Vase Interior
Image of: Geometric Vase Design
Image of: Geometric Vase Contemporary
Image of: Geometric Vase Clear
Image of: Geometric Vase Ceramic
Image of: Geometric Vase Awesome
Image of: Geometric Vase Unique

Trick: If you do not have any punch on hand, you can use a ballpoint pen without ink. Give a rounded shape to the fold. Cross and paste the cardboard to create a cylinder. When it is glued, put inside the geometric vase that you have chosen. The folded cardboard will make the container screen. Here you have the finished vase. A tip: be careful not to wet it when you go to water the plants.

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