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How To Applying Border Stencils

Border Stencils – The relief effects are achieved by covering with a stronger or lighter shade, sometimes without even waiting for the paint to dry. If you use acrylic paint, brush, and roll under the water regularly to maintain flexibility. For friezes and borders, once the first strip is painted, carefully peel off the stencil and then put it back next, aligning the positioning marks with a light line previously drawn in pencil. This one will be erased later.

Border Stencils Panda

Border Stencils Panda

Border stencils are used to delimit areas of color. We can decorate a base (as here with a demarcation at about 90 cm from the ground), make a high chair rail (about 60 cm from the ceiling) or simulate a cornice (about ten centimeters under ceiling). To succeed your stencil without burr, paint the entire wall, here with the gray color. Position the stencil on the mark previously marked with a level. A two-part protector facilitates the installation of this border.

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The blue pellets serve as screens to reserve a part of the decor that later receives a third color. The colorful friezes (here, fruit-inspired), always have a lot of effects. Despite the appearances and the multiplication of the colors, they execute without difficulty, or almost. Drawing his border stencils is not complicated. You can create your own pattern, or take a traced design from a magazine.

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